About Retro Rock Blog

As a “Child of the ’60s” I grew up with my ear to the radio and my eyes to the rock & roll publications of the day. Great AM radio stations such as WTIX in New Orleans, WABB in Mobile and the legendary underground station, KAAY of Little Rock, created the soundtrack of my life. Living near Mobile, Alabama, in the late ’60s and early ’70s I was fortunate to attend a large number of concerts at the Municipal Auditorium and other venues there. Mobile got a surprising number of quality shows then, from the Rolling Stones to Frank Zappa to … Spooky Tooth? In the decades since my fascination for the music and groups of those years has continued and the advent of the internet has served to put tons of information about all of that at one’s fingertips. This blog will present monthly offerings of histories of some those great groups and the music they produced along with some of my memories (if I still have them) of concerts I attended, “where are they now” features, news of groups on tour and “breaking” news of broken down old rockers. Thanks for visiting and please feel free to leave comments at retrorockblog@gmail.com.

It’s A Beautiful Day,


Richard Lewis

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